What You Should Know About SARMs

SARMs are the trendy doping products for those looking for big muscles. The Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are supposed to help you become stronger, more muscular, more manly. According to consumers, SARMs would completely change appearance, greatly improve performance, and limit the aging of the body!  RAD140 (Testolone) is a perfect example of a SARMs supplement.

Originally, these were products set up for medical applications that would be very close to anabolic steroids. They are believed to prevent muscle wasting associated with specific diseases such as cancer or osteoporosis. SARMs have a specific action on muscles and bones without affecting other organs.

Why SARMs are Used for Bodybuilding

If, in the context of a disease such as cancer, SARMs can prevent muscle wasting, for bodybuilders, they would prevent the loss of the muscle gained at the cost of a lot of effort. And above all, they would be devoid of side effects such as palpitations, fluctuations in energy. Unlike steroids, they are not said to cause liver damage, acne, deeper voice, or increased hair growth. Therefore, they would be as effective as steroids in improving muscle work, muscle mass gain, and fat loss with limited effects.

How SARMs Work

One of the androgenic hormones is testosterone (male hormone). It helps in muscle building, promotes hair growth, makes the voice deeper. Normally, the body automatically regulates the production of androgens. The bodybuilders look for more using external sources of androgens, anabolic steroids. These lead to an overload of androgens, which will be converted into estrogen and cause harmful side effects.

Also, there is a phenomenon of addiction to anabolic steroids. With SARMs, only cells that matter are targeted. They send messages to the muscles which are growing or to the body, which is burning fat. They only attach to cells in muscle and bone tissue, and the liver or prostate is not damaged.

Are SARMs Really Safe?

It should be remembered that these are pharmaceutical products and not food supplements. SARMs are still in their infancy, and research is still limited. It is therefore imperative to consult your doctor before turning to these new generation doping products. Side effects have been observed when taking large doses. They can lead to hair loss, vision problems, excessive breast development.


Since 2008, SARMs have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and are part of “other anabolic agents.” You should also be wary of products offered on the Internet. Some products sold on the web are presented as SARMs but are not. Many would contain drugs banned by sports federations, and the dosage information is often false, which increases the risks. However, they are still better compared to steroids.