Flu is a highly contagious respiratory illness. It is caused by a virus called influenza and presents symptoms that are almost similar to those of a cold. If not treated effectively, flu can result in various other health problems such as pneumonia and bacterial infections. Expectant women, children, and older adults are at a higher risk of developing further health complications when infected by the flu virus. There are a few things that you can do in a bid to prevent getting the flu, some of which are highlighted below.

Get a Flu Shot

One of the most effective flu preventative measures is getting a flu shot. The flu shot should be taken before the onset of the flu season each year. The shots trigger the development of antibodies, which provide the needed protection against particular strains of flu. The flu shot can be administered to anyone above the age of six months. However, it might not be advisable for individuals who have extreme allergies to any of the ingredients in the vaccine.

Maintain Good Hygiene

It is also essential that you maintain good hygiene if you wish to avoid getting the flu virus. For starters, make sure that you wash or sanitize your hands regularly, especially after you cough or sneeze and before meals. This will prevent you from getting the flu virus that you might have come in contact with, into your body. If you already have the flu, maintaining proper hygiene will also help to minimize the chances of spreading it to other people.

Avoid Public or Crowded Places

There are high chances of coming across individuals with the flu virus in a public or crowded place – your chances of getting infected by the virus increase significantly just by being close to the infected individuals. A single sneeze might be all that it takes for you to catch the flu. If possible, make sure that you avoid going to such places, especially during the flu season.

Boost Your Immune System

Boosting your immune system is another excellent way of avoiding the flu. You can make your immune system much stronger in various ways. For example, eating balanced diets will give your body all the needed nutrients for a robust immune system. Exercising is another effective way to boost your immunity. Remember to take lots of water as well.