Hello! I’m Salvador Meadows.

Yes, we have been following the #pbtbwine on the Internet, and if you need to know more about us, you will find the information below!

One of the most common questions that we have been receiving is why we named our site after a trending hashtag. The truth is that the hashtag is not just a random hashtag, but we have been sticking to its meaning. PBTB stands for Pinot by Tituss Burgess, a prominent name when it comes to winery and wine production. The next question is, of course, why wine?

Drinking wine is known to offer several health benefits, such as improving the immune system, strengthening bone density, and reducing the risk of a heart attack. For that reason, our online health page cannot find a better name other than PBTB Wine. Our page covers medicine production, home remedies, health hacks, and medical developments as we aim to help you with your healthy lifestyle.