How Protein Helps You Lose Weight

Protein plays an important in helping you lose weight. Protein intake helps suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and regulates hormones that manage weight gain. The truth is that protein is quite effective in burning belly fat. You can read this guide: Weight Loss and Protein: How Much Protein To Eat for Weight Loss? These are the different mechanisms it uses.

Regulates Hormones

eggsYou should note that your body weight is regulated by the brain. The part of the brain responsible for this is known as the hypothalamus. Thus, the brain controls you on how much you should eat and what to eat. The signals to the brain are sent by hormonal changes as a result of your eating habits. You should note that high protein intake can increase your level of satiety. That means it helps suppress your appetite and reduces hunger levels. If you want to lose weight, you should consider replacing fat and carbs with protein. In this way, you suppress your appetite and reduce hunger. You will start eating fewer calories without feeling hungry.

Burns Calories

Whenever you eat, calories are used to digest and metabolize your food. Thus, foods have a thermic effect. Recent studies have shown that protein has a higher thermic effect when compared to carbs. With a thermic effect of about 30%, when you take 100 calories, only 70 become usable.

The thermic effect helps boost your metabolism. It allows you to burn extra calories even when you are asleep. Some studies have shown that proteins help boost metabolism. Thus, you can burn about 70 to 100 calories per day. When you overfeed with protein, you are likely to lose more calories.

Suppress Appetite

Protein plays an important role in suppressing appetite and hunger through various mechanisms. When you take more protein, you reduce your overall calorie intake. That means you will eat fewer calories without the need to control your portions.

Cuts Cravings

milkAs you know, cravings can be a huge hindrance to achieving your weight loss goals. That explains why most people fail in diet programs. A common issue is late-night snacking. Studies show that people who gain a lot of weight tend to snack at night. Those calories add on top of the calories you have taken during the day. The good thing about protein is that it helps curb cravings. Hence, you can avoid snacking at night.

Prevents Muscle Loss

As you know, weight loss is not always equal to fat loss. In most cases, when a person loses weight, he or she loses muscle mass as well. When you take a lot of protein, you help prevent muscle loss. In this way, you can increase the metabolic rate.…

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Six Effective Weight Loss Tips

Statistics show that 45% of adults across the globe are overweight. Excessive body weight is linked to chronic problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and others. The sad news is that obese people are losing their lives at a tender age than those with average weight. For the above reasons, lots of people want to lose weight to better their appearance as well as health. Here are tips that will help you achieve your dream of rapid and significant weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplements

Cardarine is an effective supplement that you can use for weight loss. It was meant to slow the formation of tumors, but researchers realized it is effective at eliminating belly fat and transforming the body. Try cardarine for weight loss as it is safe and has no undesirable side effects on the body. Some of the cardarine benefits include fat burning, increase stamina, Improved muscle growth, protect blood vessels, and more.

Eat Small Portions Frequently

Another thing that you should do to shed those unwanted pounds quickly is eating tiny meals throughout the day. Instead of taking three meals in a day, you should eat six small meals. The secret is to reduce your food intake and raise the number of meals. The meals should be loaded with proteins, moderate carbs, and low in fat.


exercisesIf you try losing weight through diet alone, you might not achieve your goal. You will lose a few pounds but gain quickly when you get back to your standard eating patterns. Exercise is an excellent way of keeping unwanted weight off. When beginning, it might be hard to identify activities that are effective for weight loss. Before embarking on an exercise regime, contemplate your fitness levels as well as age.

Eat Breakfast

Most people think that when they skip eating some meals like breakfast, they will drop weight fast. However, that is not the case. If you skip taking breakfast, you will consume more calories during the day, crave for foods with unsaturated fats and cholesterol, weigh more, and have poor nutrition habits. Eating breakfast will rave up your metabolism after you get up. Research shows that even exercise is not able to kickstart your metabolism after hours of rest, like eating a healthy breakfast.


When attempting to lose weight, you should always remember that it is not all about diet and exercise. The amount of sleep that you get each night will also significantly affect the results. Studies show that if you get less than seven hours of sleep daily, you are more likely to gain a lot of weight over time and have a difficult time losing it.


Yes, you heard me, right! If you drink a lot of water, you can lose weight. The key reason is that when your body is dehydrated, it will try to retain the fluids that you take similarly to how it holds to food when you don’t meet your daily caloric requirements. The body is designed to …